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Imagine a world where self love isn't just an afterthought—it's a revolution. Picture a device so advanced, it makes everything else on the market look like child's play. We're talking about a game-changing innovation that combines cutting-edge technology with intuitive design to deliver an experience so intense, it's almost spiritual. This isn't just another addition to your nightstand; it's a seismic shift in how you understand and explore your own body. Get ready to redefine the boundaries of what you thought was possible. The future of stress relief is here, and it's unlike anything you've ever encountered.

Introducing the Senna, the ultimate self care device that's setting a new standard in sexual wellness. With its dual-action design, the Senna is both a sonic clitoral stimulator and a vibrating wand, offering a comprehensive experience that leaves no desire unfulfilled. But what truly sets it apart is its groundbreaking sonic suction technology, which delivers deep, pulsating waves that stimulate not just the tip of the clitoris, but the entire area. And let's not forget its impressive 10-hour battery life, ensuring that your journey to ecstasy won't be cut short. Water-resistant and eco-friendly, the Senna is more than just a stress remover—it's a statement, a lifestyle, and most importantly, a revelation.

Say Goodbye to Mediocre Toys: The Industry's Dirty Little Secret

Let's be real—navigating the world of sexual wellness products can be a minefield of disappointment. You're bombarded with flashy marketing and bold promises, only to be let down by lackluster performance and subpar quality. Traditional vibes often focus solely on surface-level stims, leaving you craving more. Battery life is another sore point; nothing kills the mood faster than your device dying at the most inconvenient moment. And let's not even talk about the environmental impact of disposable batteries and non-durable designs. The industry has been stuck in a rut, offering incremental improvements but failing to deliver a truly transformative experience.

Enter the game-changer: the Senna. This isn't just another device; it's a revolution in stress release technology. With its dual-action sonic clitoral stimulator and vibrating wand, the Senna addresses the full spectrum of your desires. Its groundbreaking sonic suction technology goes beyond surface-level stims, pulsating deep into the clitorol network for an all-encompassing experience. Tired of your device dying mid-session? The Senna's got a whopping 10-hour battery life. Concerned about the environment? It's built to last, reducing waste and making it the eco-friendly choice. The Senna isn't just solving problems; it's setting a new standard for what a self love device should be.


Ready to discover the game-changing advantages of Viva's Senna? Let's dive into the five key benefits that are making women worldwide swap their spa day for this revolutionary stress remover.

Intense Sonic Bliss

Experience mind-blowing relief with our sonic suction technology, stimulating your entire clitoros for unparalleled satisfaction.

Extended Self Care Sessions

No more interruptions! Enjoy up to 10 hours of continuous bliss on a single charge, ensuring your desires are met without interruption.

Sustainable Satisfaction

Join the eco-conscious movement. The Senna's eco-friendly design reduces waste and environmental impact while delivering unforgettable stress relief.

Versatile Stress Relief

Customize your experience with dual-action versatility. The Senna combines clitorol stims and a vibrating wand for tailored ecstasy.

Shower-Ready Bliss

Take your self care anywhere. The Senna is water-resistant, perfect for shower adventures, and easy to clean for your convenience.

Why Senna Beats the Competition: The Ultimate Pleasure Showdown

When it comes to pleasure devices, the market is crowded, but one name rises above the rest—Senna. While most competitors offer a one-size-fits-all approach, Senna takes personalization to the next level with its multiple intensity settings. Imagine a device that adapts to you, not the other way around. But that's not all. Senna's Smart Silence technology ensures your intimate moments stay just that—intimate. No more awkward noises or distractions.


  • Deep Sonic Waves
  • Extended Playtime Up To 10 hrs
  • Sustainable & Built to Last

Competitor Brand

  • Effectiveness varies greatly between users.
  • Ignore unique skin types and needs
  • Lack of trust from health experts.

Dive into the Senna journey through the lens of real users. These radiant testimonials offer a glimpse into the transformative power of the Senna stress remover — real women achieving real results.

And let's talk about guarantees. Many brands promise satisfaction, but how many back it up with a 90-day risk-free trial? That's right, Senna does. You get three full months to decide if it's the game-changer you've been looking for. And if it's not? You get your money back, no questions asked. Plus, with discreet worldwide shipping, your privacy is always protected. In a sea of overhyped and underperforming options, Senna is the lighthouse guiding you to genuine enjoyment and empowerment.


Mastering Self Care: Your 3-Step Senna Guide for Blissful Satisfaction


Power Up for Stress Relief Ensure your Senna is fully charged before use. Benefit: Extended Playtime - Enjoy up to 10 hours of uninterrupted bliss on a single charge.


Start Slow, Elevate Desire Begin at the lowest setting to tease and intensify slowly. Listen to your body's cues and discover your ultimate desired level. Benefit: Customized Ecstasy - Find your unique path to satisfaction.


Clean and Preserve Afterward, clean your Senna with ease. Its water-resistant design makes it shower-friendly and effortless to maintain. Benefit: Hygiene and Convenience - Keep your device pristine and ready for your next rendezvous.


Customer reviews

Rebecca Chapman
Verified Buyer
Omgoodness this!!!!

I have never experienced anything like this before!
It’s my new best friend!
Excellent service and excellent product.
Won’t leave home without it! 🙏

Harry Newman
Verified Buyer

stuck it in my bussy and made my sheets soaking wet. My cummies went everywhere uwu

Valerie McBrian
Verified Buyer
Next Level

Excellent every woman should have one.

Tracy Gibson
Verified Buyer
Just WOW 🤩

Listen… if you’re one of those Women that absolutely NEED to come and come MULTIPLE times a day, this right here is the ONE! Holds a charge nicely, strong suction, powerful vibrations and a sensible curve that ALWAYS hit that spot 🤤

Dee Simpson
Verified Buyer
Senna magic

I've always had fantastic O's with partners and by myself, but thought I'd give this a try. Didn't disappoint but I wouldn't call it mind blowing, but i do prefer the intimacy of a partner, it can be a little intense at first, so my advice would be to start slow.

Stacy Sherrads
Verified Buyer

Well for someone who has never had an O during intimate relationships or while using other toys I thought I might have a problem (i even spoke to my doctor asking what the hell is wrong with me)...well I can honestly say the Senna blew my mind!!
I really didnt think it was going to work for me but first time I used it within a minute or 2 I had a massive pulsating O, I couldn't believe it. So to be sure I tried it again the next day and bam!! woohoo... Very very happy with this product I highly recommend if you are like me and have had a hard time climaxing...thankyou thankyou thankyou xx I look forward to enjoying more bliss with the Senna..im just wondering do I really need a man??

Rose Clayton
Verified Buyer

Amazing!!! Every woman needs one of these! Buy one now!! Right now!!! So so so good. Single ladies, you may decide to stay that way when you have this in your life 😂😂

Julia Martin
Verified Buyer
Worth it

I prefer this one over the Donna , Senna is intense right off the bat , perfection. If you love a bit of me time, senna is worth it.